09:22 Wednesday 13 November 2013

Soham mum runs 183 miles for friend's tragic daughter


An inexhaustible mum has spent the last year juggling work and motherhood to complete 11 long-distance runs for a “kind and gentle” little girl.

Beth Green, balanced raising four young children with a gruelling training regime to run 183 miles in memory of her friend Sally’s daughter, 3-year-old Amelie Clipson-Smith, who died of meningitis.

The 37-year-old from Soham ran the three marathons and eight half marathons, raising £2,100 for the charity for Meningitis Now.

Ms Green crossed the finish line for the final time on November 3, the fifth anniversary of Amelie’s death.

She said: “Sally and I grew up together, we lived just around the corner from each other, our parents were close friends – we are more than just friends – we are like sisters.

“It was so heart-breaking to hear about what happened to Amelie – I was always going to be there for Sally, but it is sometimes hard to know how to help and this was a way I thought I could.

“I wanted to do something epic to remember Amelie, something to fight the horrific disease and raise awareness.”

Amelie, who has just started school, died in November 2008, just 12 hours after contracting the deadly disease.

Wanting to do something “epic” in Amelie’s honour, passionate runner, Ms Green initially vowed to finish three marathons and three half marathons – 118 miles – for Meningitis Now.

But, despite having a business to manage and two part-time jobs to juggle alongside being a mum, Ms Green decided to run an extra 65 miles to honour little Amelie’s passing.

She said: I started with just six runs, but could not stop – did not want to stop for Amelie.

“I was driven and wanted to see how many I could do in a year for a very beautiful girl and great charity.

“My friends call me Wonder Woman, but it’s easy when my family and friends are so supportive and it’s for such a good cause.

“My sister Amy has also been amazing, encouraging by coming to support at some races and with the children – she and my partner Richard have been amazing.

“It feels great to manage 11 in that time, although there were plenty of pains and injuries along the way.

“It doesn’t matter about the finishing times – it became about keeping going for Amelie.”

Steve Dayman, founder of Meningitis Now, said: “She is a true inspiration and raised a fantastic amount, every penny will help us fund pioneering research to eradicate the horrific disease.” For more information on the disease visit www.MeningitisNow.org

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