07:00 Monday 26 May 2014

SLIDESHOW: Ely is as chosen as safe haven for rescue hedgehogs

Written byJORDAN DAY

Hedgehogs are being given a new start in life thanks to a partnership between a wildlife charity and Ely Cathedral.

The cathedral has teamed up with the Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity to offer a helping hand to rescued hedgehogs.

The project was launched last year and was filmed by the BBC’s Countryfile team.

On Friday, the cathedral took delivery of four juvenile hedgehogs which the wildlife charity has been busy nurturing and rehabilitating over the winter months.

The youngsters are initially being cared for by cathedral staff until they are able to forage and care for themselves.

All four juveniles being rehomed in the cathedral grounds have also been electronically tagged so that their movements can be monitored by staff at the conservation centre.

Natasha Ennew, manager of the wildlife charity’s hedgehog hospital, said: “The grounds surrounding Ely Cathedral are a haven for hedgehogs, with well established hedgerows providing ideal nesting opportunities and insects galore.

“The staff at the cathedral are dedicated to the project and by supporting this type of soft release, allow hedgehogs to naturally acclimatise into this period of their rehabilitation”.

If you could help rehabilitate hedgehogs, or for more information about the conservation charity, visit www.swccharity.org.

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