13:16 Tuesday 12 November 2013

SLIDESHOW: 9,000 see skies light up for fireworks displays in Ely


Cherry Hill was awash with people on Saturday as locals came out in force to watch the annual fireworks display.

9,000 people were estimated to have come out on Saturday night to watch the display organised by Battle Fireworks.

Andrew Allebone from Waterbeach said: “Not only were the fireworks better than the Cambridge city display but the event was very family orientated.

“We were most impressed not just with the display but with the organisation of all the helpers.”

21 schools from the local area also took part in the Guy competition, winning £100 and the top prize of £250 going to the Rainbow Pre School in Downham Road.

Stalls, fun fairs and refreshments were also provided on the night.

Sam Tolley, of Chatteris, said: “This was my fami8ly’s second year of attending and it’s been the best show we’ve seen.”

The evening, organised by Ely XT with the help of over 50 local volunteers, has raised over £50,000 for good causes in and around the Ely area.

In the past 12 months, they have donated £15,000.

And at an Ely carehome last week, 220 people attended a fireworks display in their grounds to fundraise.

Littleport Grange provided a bonfire and fireworks, as well as some pumpkin soup made by chef Karen Smithers.

£570 was made at the evening, which is set to go towards upgrading the grounds of the carehome.

Kathryn McGuirk, manager of Littleport Grange, said: “It was a fantastic night – everyone really enjoyed it and got into the spirit of things.

“It was Littleport Grange’s first ever fireworks display, so we thought it would be a nice idea to invite members of the public to help us celebrate.

“It was a great success and we hope we’ve establisged a Littleport tradition which will now continue for years to come.”

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