10:48 Thursday 19 June 2014

Residents plead for overgrown footpath in Ely to be maintained

Written byJORDAN DAY

A well-used public footpath in Ely has not been maintained since last summer – and frustrated residents are demanding action.

The footpath which runs from the junction of The Vineyards and Vineyard Way and along the back of some properties in Bell Holt to Springhead Lane is used by many residents, dog walkers and shoppers.

But residents say the route, which is the responsibility of Cambridgeshire County Council, has not been maintained since last August – and that it is now becoming out of bounds.

The council says it has not received any complaints about the state of the path but David Dowling, of Springhead Lane, says that is “nonsense”.

He said: “I have called the council many times to ask for the footpath to be cleared of weeds, and I know other residents have to, so the council is talking nonsense.

“The path is now pretty much unusable as the grass, nettles and thistles are knee-high. It’s not fair as so many people usually use it

“I’d clear it myself but then I’d get in trouble as it’s the council’s land. It’s ridiculous – if the county council isn’t interested in looking after it then the district or city council should take it on instead.”

A Vineyard Way resident, who did not want to be named, said: “I used to walk my dog down that footpath everyday but haven’t been able to for the last few weeks as the nettles are too high.

“This is a footpath just a stone’s throw from the city centre – not one in the back of beyond. The council needs to sort it as a priority.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “The local highways officer has received no complaints about this path. He will visit the area to inspect it and take any necessary action required.”

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