12:43 Monday 04 November 2013

Revealed - MPs' expenses claims for electricity and gas bills


South East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice . Picture by Warren Gunn South East Cambridgeshire MP Jim Paice . Picture by Warren Gunn

More than £1,000 was claimed by MPs from the Cambridge region for their energy bills last year.

Cllr Kevin Price, who represents King’s Hedges for Labour, said it was “just not right” that parliamentarians could have electricity and gas at their second homes paid for by taxpayers, while ordinary families struggled with soaring bills.

An analysis by the Sunday Mirror found Sir Jim Paice, who represents South East Cambridgeshire, claimed £529.03.

Julian Huppert, who represents Cambridge, claimed £120.59.

Other claims included £347.55 by North East Hertfordshire’s Oliver Heald, £90.20 by Saffron Walden’s Sir Alan Haselhurst, and £48.84 by West Suffolk’s Matthew Hancock.

Cllr Price said: “Most people have to pay their electricity and gas bills out of their salaries and it is just not right that MPs, who get paid a basic salary beyond the reach of most people, can also claim this on expenses from taxpayers money.

“The system needs changing but taking advantage of it just because it is there is also wrong.”

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