16:40 Monday 11 November 2013

Mystery over thief stealing pantomime posters in Soham


The pantomime poster from The Brook in Soham which are repeatedly being torn down in the local area. The pantomime poster from The Brook in Soham which are repeatedly being torn down in the local area.

Staff at The Brook venue in Soham are bemused and disappointed over the mysterious disappearance of their panto posters.

Every one of the posters they have put up in the area for their upcoming pantomime has been torn down.

Dan Schumann, director of The Brook said: “We have been putting up posters as we usually do for our pantomime this year and the first couple we put up were taken down.

“First of all we didn’t think anything of it but it seems to have been quite a prolific campaign now.

“Every time it gets taken down we had a new one up. It seems to only be posters for the pantomime. It’s got a bit unpleasant now. It seems there is someone who doesn’t want our pantomime to do very well.”

The venue has been forced to contact the police as the campaign of stealing the advertising seemed to be targeted to them alone.

Mr Schumann added: “They are clearly being removed by someone. It’s starting to get silly now. It’s disappointing and upsetting.

“At first we could think it was probably people messing about and taking them down but it seems to be everywhere we put them.”

While Mr Schumann simply wants to get the word out about his upcoming event, having to continually replace the posters is now becoming costly.

He said: “We just want something done about it as its costing us money and time, not to mention the fact we have a panto to sell tickets for and not having posters up isn’t doing anyone any favours.

“Undoubtedly it’s affected presales and it’s sad because we want to get the word out there. It’s disappointing because all businesses are struggling, not just us. It’s getting beyond a joke now.”

The Brook’s pantomime this year will be Cinderella on December 21. For tickets and more information, call (01353) 721748.

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