06:00 Wednesday 29 January 2014

Mystery dog poop signs in Soham spark anger

Written byJORDAN DAY

One of the signs which has been put up in Soham. One of the signs which has been put up in Soham.

A row has broken out between dog owners – and mysterious signs are at the centre of it.

Just weeks after posters warning dog owners that they could be fined up to £1,000 if they were caught not cleaning up after their pets were put up in Ely’s Country Park, similar signs have now appeared in Soham.

Whoever is responsible for the signs, which have been put up in numerous areas of the town, has been praised by some people - but others are angry and are calling for East Cambridgeshire District Council to prosecute those responsible for flytipping.

Kayleigh Lymer, of Paddock Street, has praised the mystery sign erectors.

She said: “Hats off to the person or people who did this. It’s created quite a stir in town that’s for sure. The signs were in my street and in many others.

“Whoever did it is obviously just as fed-up as I am with dodging dog dirt pretty much everywhere you go.

“Yes, the majority of dog owners carry a bag and do pick it up but there are still far too many who don’t and it needs to stop.

“It’s a major health hazard and even if these posters encourage just one person to clean up their dog’s mess then that’s a step in the right direction.”

But one dog owner, who did not want to be named, said he and “many others” were furious with the posters.

He said: “Everyone’s talking about this, particularly on social media websites, and I, like many others, have had enough.

“It’s all very well for residents to be praising whoever put them up but they are effectively no different to the dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets as they are littering the streets.

“I own two dogs and I pride myself on being a responsible pet owner.

“It’s simply not fair that all dog owners are tarred with the same brush - we are talking about a minority of people here.

“The posters are a step too far and as far as I’m concerned, whoever is responsible should be fined for flytipping.”

Dave White, the district council’s waste leader, said: “We would encourage residents to contact Soham Town Council, who can obtain official signs from East Cambridgeshire District Council to deter dog mess rather than putting up their own posters. “Incidents of dog fouling can be reported to the district council for removal by telephoning (01353) 665555, where any details of offenders and regular times of offences can be passed on at the same time.

“Dog owners should always clear up after their dogs, failure to do so creating an unpleasant and unnecessary hazard for other pedestrians and they risk getting a £50 fixed penalty notices wherever offences are witnessed.”

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