07:00 Tuesday 03 December 2013

Leaves in grounds of Ely Cathedral are putting pedestrians' safety 'at risk'

Written byJORDAN DAY

Residents are calling for the leaves in Palace Green, Ely, to be cleared more regularly. Residents are calling for the leaves in Palace Green, Ely, to be cleared more regularly.

Pedestrians’ safety is being put at risk in the grounds of Ely Cathedral because leaves are not being cleared from footpaths regularly enough.

That’s the message from residents who are calling for the busy paths in Palace Green and Cross Green to be swept.

The responsibility lies with East Cambridgeshire District Council and after the Ely News contacted the authority about the issue yesterday (Monday), a spokesman said the paths would be swept that same day.

But Judith Marshall, of nearby St Mary’s Street, said: “We shouldn’t have to contact the paper in order for the paths to be swept.

“These paths are used by hundreds of people everyday, whether that be by locals like myself accessing the city centre, people using the public toilets or tourists mooching around the cathedral’s grounds.

“The damp leaves are making them dangerous. If an elderly person slips over they could seriously hurt themselves. Besides, we pay our council tax - why are the leaves not being cleared on a regular basis?”

A spokeswoman for Ely Cathedral said that they had not received any complaints about the leaves and that cleaning the paths is the council’s responsibility.

In a statement issued yesterday, a spokesman for the council said: “We work very hard with our street cleaning contractor Veolia to keep the pavements we are responsible clean and safe.

“Obviously in the autumn, nature dictates leaves will fall to the ground. In these places we try to regularly sweep the paths but if there are strong winds or rain an area which was recently cleaned may have another build up of leaves.

“We have received no complaints about there being a problem at Palace Green but we will be sending a team to sweep the area today.”

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