12:20 Wednesday 25 June 2014

Improvements to Ely Riverside - public exhibition at library

Written byJORDAN DAY

A scene of Ely's Riverside. A scene of Ely's Riverside.

Trees could be removed from Ely’s Riverside as part of plans to “improve and enhance” the popular area.

East Cambridgeshire District Council and the City of Ely Council have joined forces to develop a Riverside Improvement Plan.

The proposals, which involve removing and re-planting certain trees, adding new seating and enhancing landscaping, are the subject of a public exhibition being held tomorrow (Thursday, June 26).

The event is running at the library, in The Cloisters, from 10am – 12pm.

Cllr John Yates, Ely’s deputy mayor, said: “The project proposes to improve facilities and enhance the appearance of the Riverside frontage in response to feedback from residents.

“The feedback we’ve received is that the area should be more attractive for both residents and visitors.

“Some required maintenance and improvements have already been undertaken but further enhancements could be considered and funded from monies received by the City of Ely Council from developers.

“The plans include new seating, the removal and re-planting of trees, enhanced landscaping and flower beds.”

Both authorities have been discussing the improvements, and consulting on them with the public, since last summer.

Certain changes, including the decision to lift the cycling ban in Riverside – a move which proved controversial among some – and creating new signage to highlight where and what the public should feed ducks and other wildfowl on the river, have already been implemented.

Cllr Richard Hobbs, chairman of the community and environment committee at the district council, said: “In Ely, we are very lucky to have a wonderful Riverside to enjoy.

“Our priority throughout the last few months has been to look at ways to enhance the experience you get as you visit the area. This doesn’t mean spending lots of money on big changes but getting the little things right.

“We were helped a lot in this process by the feedback from the public, who highlighted the areas they wanted improved.

“We will be introducing the improvements over the next few months and we hope they will make the Riverside an even better place to visit.”

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