10:12 Wednesday 28 May 2014

Funfair in Ely's Forehill car park: Is it fair?

Written byJORDAN DAY

Motorists are calling for the May Funfair to be re-located when it comes to Ely next year.

As ever, the fair, which is opening to the public tomorrow (Thursday), is occupying the long stay section of Forehill car park, off Broad Street.

East Cambridgeshire District Council says that Ely has a long standing charter which requires the fair is in a central location – but that things could change next year.

Residents say it is unfair that the long stay part of the car park has to be closed to make way for it.

Stephanie Peters, who lives off Ely’s Broad Street, said: “I can’t believe the fair gets away with being in Forehill car park.

“We all know how dire the parking situation is in Ely and that we need every parking space we can get and yet the council allows the fair to take over half of one of the city’s busiest car parks.

“Not only that but I think it’s unfair on those who live close to the car park to have to put up with all the noise.

“I don’t live too far from the car park and the noise does affect me – it must be horrendous for those who are closer to it.

“Funfairs and circuses should be in more convenient locations – what about in the country park for example?”

Harry Soar, who lives in Soham but works in Ely, said: “I park in Forehill car park most days and it really irritates me when the fair is in town.

“Why should I struggle to find a parking space just because the fair is there?

“Parking is a nightmare in Ely most of the time so it bugs me that so many parking spaces are shut off just to occupy the fair.”

A council spokesman said: “Ely has a long standing charter which requires we make available land in a central location once a year, in May.

“We are already in discussions with the showman and local groups to see whether we can relocate the fair next year to another open space of the right size and requirements to accommodate a fairground.”

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