12:22 Wednesday 04 June 2014

Did you witness 'mini tornado' in Cambridgeshire skies this morning?

Written byJORDAN DAY

A meteorology enthusiast is on a high after spotting what he believes is a mini tornado in Cambridgeshire’s skies.

Lee Hislden, 28, was on his way to a job this morning (Wednesday) when he captured these stunning photographs.

Lee, who works as a field service engineer for a firm in Ely, believes what he saw in the skies between Soham and Isleham is a mini tornado.

Speaking to the News, he said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I’ve always been interested in meteorology and have always wanted to see a tornado in the sky.

“I could see the clouds were huge and really dark and as I looked again I saw a ‘V’ coming from beneath the thunderstorm cloud and form the mini tornado.

“My mobile phone was in its holder on the dashboard so I quickly pulled over, grabbed it and clicked away.

“The tornado lasted for around 90 seconds - it was fascinating to see.”

Lee, who lives in Haddenham, said: “I was between Soham and Isleham and it was around 10.10am.

“I’d be interested to know if anyone else saw it. It’s certainly not something you see everyday in the Fenland skies.”

Did you witness the ‘mini tornado’? Have you seen one before? Email jordan.day@cambridge-news.co.uk.

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