09:32 Thursday 29 May 2014

Dementia Friends: Your chance to help make a difference

Written byJORDAN DAY

Residents in the Ely area are being given the chance to help people with dementia.

By becoming a Dementia Friend, organisations say you could help dementia sufferers to live well for longer.

A spokeswoman for the Alzheimer’s Society, which has launched the Dementia Friend initiative, said: “Dementia is one of the biggest health crises facing the UK.

“Cambridgeshire has over 7,000 residents living with dementia and with more people living longer this number is set to grow.

“However, it is possible to live well with dementia, especially with the support of friends. That’s because people with dementia need friends more than ever.

“That’s why we’re creating one million Dementia Friends, who will help people with dementia to live well for longer.

“Anybody can become a friend. It’s as simple as just understanding a bit more about dementia. We will give you helpful tips and small ideas to help you support the people you know with dementia.”

Visit www.dementiafriends.org.uk for more information.

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