06:10 Wednesday 15 January 2014

Polish woman fined after spitting at security officer at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge and saying she hated "the English"


Cambridge Magistrates' Court Cambridge Magistrates' Court

A Polish woman who declared she hated “the English” and repeatedly spat at a security guard while in A&E has been fined.

Malgorzata Bonawenturczyk, 42, of St Ovins Green in Ely, pleaded guilty in court to a racially aggravated common assault while being treated in the accident and emergency department at Addenbrooke’s.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday that medical staff had called for security because of a female patient. Security guard John Cornell was assigned to this and saw an “intoxicated” Bonawenturczyk being assessed for a bad cut to her lip.

Delia Matthews, prosecuting, said: “Around about 6.30, the female made a number of demands to be seen by a doctor. She repeatedly said “I want to be seen now” and told Mr Cornell to go and get a doctor.”

Mr Cornell explained he could not get a doctor because the department was busy. She then told the security guard to speak Polish and he explained that he could not.

Ms Matthews added: “Her voice raised and he said she came towards him shouting “I hate the English, I hate you, I hate the English”.

“He said the female spat at him and the spit landed on his face. As he was wiping his face, she spat two more times, hitting him on the arm and shoulder.”

In a victim impact statement, Mr Cornell said: “It [spitting] is the worst thing you can do to another human being.”

But Jim Dignan, mitigating, said that there had been “friction” between Bonawenturczyk and the security guard.

He said: “She does recall this particular security officer Mr Cornell was somewhat awkward with her in that she had been allowed to go to the toilet a couple of times while she was waiting for treatment and he refused to let her go a third time.

“In her limited English when she asked him why, his response was “because I can”. She wishes to emphasise that she does not hate the English.”

Bonawenturczyk, who used an interpreter in court, was fined £200. She was also ordered to pay court costs of £160, £50 of compensation to Mr Cornell and a victim surcharge of £20.

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