09:15 Tuesday 22 October 2013

Challenge enables children to learn skills in a fun way

Written byJORDAN DAY

Science, technology, engineering and maths were the star subjects at Soham Village College.

The school held a special STEM challenge all last week - an event which saw almost 400 Year 6 pupils from local primary schools visiting the college to learn new skills.

STEM is the integration of science, technology engineering and maths and it sees the students learning through fun and stimulating challenges.

This time around, pupils had to complete maths puzzles to take them around the world - each country giving clues to move onto the next - but they then faced a drama when the mobile phone network crashed and they could not contact home from where they were - in Madrid.

Using what they had learnt through the course of the day and working in groups, they then had to come up with a way of sending a message home to Soham, a challenge which saw them involving the principles of flight, balance, force and propulsion.

Visit www.stemnet.org.uk for more information.

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