06:00 Tuesday 17 June 2014

Be more cautious when cooking with hot oil, fire service urges

Written byJORDAN DAY

Residents are being urged to be more cautious when cooking with hot oil.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service says it is attending more and more blazes at properties which have been caused by cooking with hot oil.

A spokeswoman for the service said: “Oils can heat rapidly and can ignite with disastrous result. Fortunately nobody has been seriously injured at any of the fires we have attended but they have been lucky.

“Never throw water onto the fire – this will make the oil explode over everything around the pan and will set fire to much more as a result.

“Do not attempt to tackle the fire yourself – close the door to the room, ensure all members of the family leave the home, telephone the fire service on 999 and do not go back inside.”

The fservice has also created a special video to show what people should do if hot oil causes a fire in their home. To watch it, or for further safety advice, visit www.cambsfire.gov.uk.

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