11:56 Wednesday 27 November 2013

Another lamp post is knocked over in Ely

Written byJORDAN DAY

The damaged lamp post The damaged lamp post

Another lamp post on Ely’s Market Place has been hit by a vehicle.

Balfour Beatty and council workmen were called in this morning (Wednesday) to remove the damaged wrought iron lamp post.

It is believed the post, located outside Dorothy Perkins and the Fish House Ely, was hit by a vehicle either late last night or in the early hours.

Ian Kilby, owner of the Fish House Ely, said: “I left the shop at around 10pm last night and it was still standing there as normal.

“When I came into work this morning I saw it had been knocked over.

“It’s certainly the talk of Ely.”

The incident comes just months after another lamp post on Market Place was knocked over by a van driver.

The driver was left red-faced on August 12 after his dodgy manoeuvre sent the lamp post toppling over.

It has since been replaced.

In 2009, a police officer hit a bollard while patrolling the pedestrianised market square in a car.

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